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mark kmiec


empowering managed service providers with oneportal

12th december 2018

With cloud applications being readily available online at the click of a button, why would a customer choose to purchase via a reseller or more specifically a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Traditionally an MSP is a business that, to some extent, manages a client’s IT infrastructure. This is predominately remotely on a subscription basis with the inclusion of a help-desk support. It can also include providing personnel to the client, managing and monitoring end user systems or developing applications.

Why then would a business choose to employ an MSP when they can easily click pay and download applications?

Answer, there are multiple!

24/7 support and maintenance. If there is a problem with the service there will be a clear process in place for the customer to speak to the MSP to get technical support and get the service up and running. The MSP will also take ownership of upgrades and patch management to ensure the service is both working and secure.

Preferred procurement. Not all SaaS vendors offer monthly billing or consumption-based billing. This can mean a large upfront cost to the client which is not always the desired purchase method. Upfront purchase however might be the preferred choice but the SaaS provider only offers monthly! An MSP will inevitably be more agile than a large vendor and can thus provide the payment plan that suits the customer.

Lower costs. As the MSP will buy licences in bulk it may be that the customer can secure a better licence cost than they would if they purchased directly.

Single contact. The customer will have a single contact they can go to if they have any billing, usage or any other queries. This is much preferred to the endless hold tones you can endure if you do not have the specific phone extensions to hand.

Distology’s new offering, OnePortal, enables MSPs to access SaaS applications within a dedicated portal offering clear pricing and easier admin capabilities. Initially this portal has launched with Okta as the main offering, allowing Okta to be procured on a monthly consumption basis for the first time.

Okta is the leading cloud-based identity management solution. Allowing secure access to any application on any device at any time. Built up from different modules including Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication and Provisioning. Okta improves user experience for both employees and the IT department while increasing security and reducing time to deploy new users or applications.

For more information on OnePortal or Okta, visit our product page or call us on 0161 914 7798.