Flowmon: the intelligent network performance and security monitoring solution!

15 October 2019

Assuring reliability, availability and security of business services is very demanding due to the paradigma shift when operating your hybrid IT environment: moving from maximizing device availability to minimizing application delays.

This means that an existing SNMP-based, device monitoring approach requires a complementary, flow-based type of network traffic monitoring.

Flow data is abstracted from the network packets without storing the packets and its content. This means that, compared to packet-based analysis, flow-based analysis is a very cost effective and scalable approach. This is because the required amount of storage for flow data is less than 1% compared to storing packet data.

Having this flow data available at your fingertips gives you intelligent Visibility-as-a-Service & Health-Check capabilities:

  • Network Behavior Analysis
  • Anomaly & DDoS detection/mitigation
  • Application performance and availability as experienced by your users
  • Ad-hoc troubleshooting & historical reporting

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