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Partnership with Shape Security


We are excited to announce a new partnership with Shape Security, the leader in online fraud prevention, as part of their continued expansion into the UK market and the channel.

collaboration cocktail event


Discover the ingredients for your perfect portfolio! Register for our event to learn more about the collaborative selling approaches to enhance your value as a partner.

join the evolution


Why aren’t businesses adopting and introducing services similar to what we use in our personal life to help us get the job done? Introducing Workplace by Facebook!

partnership with workplace


Distology are excited to formally announce our partnership with Workplace by Facebook, an enterprise collaboration tool. Read our full press release here.

Secure authentication made simple


Keeping our information safe is something we all strive to do personally and professionally, however are we really doing ALL that we can to secure our information on all platforms?

PArtnership with Kenna Security


Kenna’s cloud solution represents the innovative and collaborative technology that Distology are passionate about and we look forward to a successful and cooperative partnership.

Empowering MSPs with oneportal


Distology’s new offering, OnePortal, enables MSPs to access SaaS applications within a dedicated portal, offering clear pricing and easier admin capabilities. 

Is Your Data being walked out of the door?


You’ve probably spent thousands, invested in various technical solutions, all in a bid to secure and protect your network. So why are you still finding yourself a victim of security incidents?

As One Star Sets, Another Rises


Meta does for network security is what Wi-Fi has done for internet connectivity, it’s what jeans have done for fashion or what Rod Stewart has done for emotive, tear-jerking, love songs.

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