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An Adaptive Remote Access Solution Provides Always-On And Secured Connectivity For Your Modern Workforce. Take a quick demo with one of our product experts today.

celestix secure access

Celestix offers secure and simplified remote access, enabling your business to balance the desire for flexible remote working with the essential need to remain in control of sensitive data and corporate resources. 

Secure Remote Access

Various remote access infrastructure components are consolidated to provide different connectivity options and Always On connectivity from a single platform without the hassle of dealing with different cross-vendor solutions.

Secure Users

Protect digital identities and against unsolicited access to corporate applications, data, documents, and back-office systems from virtually any device or location – without putting the corporate network and sensitive information at risk.

Secure Devices

Identify devices accessing the network that are located both on or off corporate networks, to apply network security controls, block or quarantine access for a device based on its security posture and level of risk.

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Celestix SecureAccess is designed not only to simplify the deployment of Windows-based remote access technologies, but also enhance the features that are not found in standard Microsoft DirectAccess and Microsoft Always On VPN.

Network Access Control

Powered by Portnox CLEAR

Celestix NAC Cloud (Powered by Portnox Clear) enables automated access based on the user’s strong identity and their device risk score when accessing over wired, wireless and virtual networks. Celestix NAC Cloud is armed with comprehensive capabilities for monitoring the risks presented to the organization by both corporate and personal assets, at all times and in all locations. Unlike other NAC solutions, Celestix NAC Cloud enables visibility into and control over endpoints both on and off premise – wherever and whenever a user tries to access the enterprise network.