Stop Cybercriminals and Prevent Data Breaches with Strong Passwords

Protect your passwords and private information with the leading password manager and security software.

Your biggest security threat walks in your door every day.

The market-leading solution for your business, Keeper manages your passwords to prevent data breaches, improve employee productivity, cut helpdesk costs and meet compliance standards.

0 %
of data breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords.
0 %
of people use the same password for everything
0 %
of help desk calls are password related

Simple, Elegant Password Management

Managing passwords is simple and intuitive with Keeper. Keeper generates strong passwords, autofills passwords across your apps and sites with KeeperFill™ and organises passwords on all platforms and devices.

Secure, Effortless File Storage and Sharing

Individuals and businesses have sensitive documents and files, which in the wrong hands can cause irreparable harm to reputation and brand. With Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault™, you can securely store, manage and share your digital assets.

Rapid Time-To-Security

Security solutions are only effective if they are easy to install, use and maintain. Keeper is intuitive and simple to deploy. Businesses can centrally manage user access and enforce security policies.

The market-leading solution for your business

Keeper manages your passwords to prevent data breaches, improve employee productivity, cut helpdesk costs and meet compliance standards. 

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Why use Keeper?

address Compliance

Every cybersecurity framework from NIST to ISO and PCI to HIPAA requires access tracking, least-privilege controls and audit logs. Keeper enables role-based controls and visibility into shared credentials. Access logs to Keeper vaults can be audited for compliance or forensics.

improve Productivity

Save employees time, frustration and eliminate the need for them to remember passwords. Keeper will generate strong, random passwords and automatically fill them in for users. The Keeper vault, with a responsive and intuitive UI, is available to employees from any device and location.

reduce support costs

Drastically reduce help desk costs related to password issues. Forrester found that several large companies have allocated over $1 million annually for password-related support.

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We are fanatical about protecting your information. Keeper utilises world-class security to safeguard your information from hackers and cyber criminals.